Who are We

The TAM Group (here and after TAM) is comprised of a highly trained eclectic group of experts from various professions and disciplines in radicalization, Islamic theology, human development, social services, prison chaplaincy, and community organizing.

This group is based in Islamic orthodoxy with various backgrounds and specialties that have decided to work together toward the goal of educating the American public about the fallacious claims made by various “Jihadi” groups as it relates to fighting in the cause of Islam, jihad, killing non-Muslims, war in the Muslim lands and what it means to be a good Muslim. TAM will provide unfiltered scholastic research, centered upon the extremist ideologies being heavily propagated over the internet and social media.  TAM will explain the origins of these ideologies and issues and identify why this is not the correct path to paradise based on legitimate prophetic traditions and scripture. TAM will convey to the American public that orthodox Islam does not equate to terrorism. Islam neither condones terroristic acts nor do the general public have anything to fear from the religion of Islam.

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • TAM's Meaning

To address the various ideologies that seek to divert Muslims from correctly understanding and practicing their faith based upon established tenets of peace, good conduct and societal participation.

To become the repository of scholastic research and material centered upon the extremist ideologies that are being propagated here in the US and abroad. To specifically correct Western societies’ view of the perceived connection between the Islamic faith to extremist tendencies. To operate a holistic facility that will address the mental, physical, and religious complexities of individuals affected by extremist propaganda.

The word TAM derives from the Arabic phrase, تَصْحِيحُ الأفْكارِ المُتَطَرِّفَةِ , for which the translation stands “Rectifying Extremist ideologies”. The transliteration of the Arabic phrase into English is “Taṣḥīḥ-ul-Afkār al-Mutaṭarrifah” .

Meet the Team.

We Are A Group Of Hard Working Individuals
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Abdul Haqq Baker

Anthony (Abdul Haqq) Baker converted to Islam in 1990 and, after working in the legal profession...

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Tahir Wyatt

Dr. Tahir Wyatt is a published academic, experienced interpreter, and instructor of Islamic studies

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Kareem Abdus-Salaam

Prior to forming Ramesses Development Partners LLC, Kareem AbdusSalaam was the Managing Member of...

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Mujahid Muhammad

Mujahid Muhammad throughout his career has exemplified the much needed balance of activism and clini

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Mohamed Hussein

Mohamed Hussein, a Somali American, was born and raised in Northern Virginia and has spent most of h

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Kenneth Ingram II

Kenneth Ingram II, spent a few years studying at the Islamic University of Madīnah in Madīnah...

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Focused, motivated, and determined Ibrahim Aziz has always tried to better himself and his community