Converts are [not] the problem

In the aftermath of last week’s Westminster attacks, questions are once again being asked about Muslim converts’ susceptibility to violent extremism.[1] Fake or Flakey news: Poor alternatives Unlike the current flood of paltry media reports, there are actually a few practitioners and academics that have thoroughly researched British Muslim converts.[2] In fact, my own PhD […]

This is NOT for Allah: London Bridge Attack

A witness account of last Saturday’s attack – the 3rd in as many months in Britain, heard one of the attackers proclaim, ‘This is for Allah’, before alighting a vehicle to begin a killing spree that left 8 dead and approximately 48 injured.[1] At the time of writing this article, authorities are trying to gather intelligence […]

Zero-Sum Game: The defeat of ISIS?

Zero-Sum Game: The defeat of ISIS? The recapture of the so-called Islamic State’s former stronghold and capital, Raqqa, heralds a military victory for the US-backed Syrian forces. However, make no mistake; the terrorist group has already illustrated its transformative ability to cause terror within our societies and this is likely to continue.[1] The group’s physical […]
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