Focused, motivated, and determined, Ibrahim Aziz has always tried to better himself and his community. Working with city officials, community leaders, and various local Masjids (masajid) he has initiated, organized, and participated in numerous community programs.

At the early age of seventeen Ibrahim began his career in Information Technology (IT). From seventeen to the age of twenty-four, he rose through the ranks in his career as a Federal contractor and became a Lead Senior Systems Administrator with a staff of four and was responsible for over 3,000 Department of Justice user accounts and over a half a million dollars’ worth equipment.

Around twenty-one Ibrahim started his first programmatic foray into trying to improve his community. The program, an inner-city low income financial literacy program, was geared towards helping individuals manage their income, improve their credit score, and increase their savings. While this was a short-lived experience, he learned how uninformed his community was in relation to financial literacy. He discovered first-hand how outside appearances can mask the hardships and struggle people endure on a daily basis. This pivotal experience shaped his thinking and increased his commitment and dedication to community improvement.

At twenty-three years, Ibrahim started volunteering on a regular basis at a local Washington D.C. Masjid. He spent most of his time volunteering, assisting primarily in areas of social service, while attending regular religious classes. He eventually co-founded a non-profit and partnered with local Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANC), civic associations, and surrounding neighborhoods with a focus on the development of tools and practices that improve neighborhood safety and repels negative elements. In 2008 this collective group of concerned community members received a Resolution Award from the Council of the District of Columbia.

A few years later Ibrahim become the Executive Director of his own non-profit. Utilizing his years of experience, lessons learned from corporate America, and his new organization; he developed a specialized, entry-level Information Technology training program designed to aid inner-city community members. This program was especially helpful for reentry citizens and individuals with limited experience describing their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses during a job interview. This custom program also included resume writing skills, interview etiquette, and introductory level technology skills. Those who completed this program were able to obtain entry-level positions in the field of Information Technology.

In 2014 Ibrahim brought together a group of community members, religious leaders, social service providers, and individuals from academia to develop a training program called, “Cultural Intelligence in Social Work: Effective Relationships with Muslim Families who are involved in the Child Welfare System”. This program was offered to Social Workers who interacted with Muslim families involved in the child welfare system. The program was accredited by the Washington D.C. chapter of the National Academy of Social Workers, and offered six contact credit hours towards their bi-annual certification.

Ibrahim has over ten years of community involvement along with over fifteen years of experience in Information Technology. He has worked in both the private and public sector as contractor, consultant, and federal employee for such agencies as the Department of Justice, Department of Treasury, Federal Despot Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and the United States Army.

Ibrahim splits his time between his full-time Information Technology position, working in Muslims communities in Washington D.C. and Maryland, attending school, and spending time with his family. He is married with three children.

Ibrahim Aziz holds an Associates of Applied Science degree in Computer Information Systems from Prince Georges County Community College. Currently, he is enrolled in Bowie State University pursuing a Bachelors in Sociology.