What We Do?

Clarifying Fallacies

Providing authentic, evidences from traditional Islamic references regarding acts of violence such as killing, jihad, living in non-Muslim lands and what it means to be a good muslim


A TAM Glossary of Terms which will explain often misunderstood and misused Islamic terms with detailed definition and examples


Interactive chat, blog and twitter sessions with scholars and specialist and in the field of Islamic theology who can directly answer your

Incorrect Interpretation

Below is an example of one of our TAM Group members, Shaykh Tahir Wyatt, explaining the prophetic narration (Hadith) from Prophet Muhammad ﷺ that begins with the phrase, "I have been commanded to fight..."

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Why Work with Us?

The TAM Group understands that confronting and correcting radicalized methodologies can not only be waged in the classrooms but it has to be waged where it is learned, online in cyberspace. We have a dedicated team singularly focused on correcting, educating, reforming, and providing follow-up assistance to those effected by extremist ideology and behaviors. Our robust online presence includes social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and our custom blog; via these mediums consistent messages are developed and shared. Our aim is to illicit and invoke a response from those who are confused and/or misguided.

We have an accomplished, diverse, and professional team with members from Washington D.C., Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. All of our members have unique specialties in various subjects such as Academia, Islamic theology, Prison Chaplaincy Services, Social Work, and Community and Economic Development.

We believe that the success of TAM is derived from the edict that the state of a nation depends upon the education of its people. Therefore, TAM has a dual role to educate those who earnestly seek to understand radical ideology as well as those Non-Muslims who are veracious about learning what is correct.

Members of The TAM GROUP?

Learn more about our team, our various backgrounds, and areas of expertise.