The Attacks on Coptic Christians

In December of 2016, there was a horrific attack on a Coptic Christian church that killed 25 people. In May of 2017 there was another attack on a bus carrying Coptic Christians killing 28 people. Each of these attacks occurred in Cairo, Egypt.

The idea that any civilized individual operating under the banner of Islam, would indiscriminately murder men, women and children has no connection to Islam or it’s teachings, regardless of faith.

At the same time these individuals, in all their misguidance and confusion, no matter how rare they are, exist in our society. Waiting for them to attack as means of identifying them is not a coherent strategy.

We need to be proactive in identifying, reaching out and engaging them before they can cause more murder and mayhem. As the F.B.I. acknowledges, they have terrorist investigations open in all 50 States. A multi-layered, comprehensive, grassroots approach is warranted.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families, friends and loved ones of those affected by these two attacks and all the other senseless terrorist attack victims.


The TAM Group

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